Rainmaking Urban is dedicated to facilitating smart and sustainable communities, fostering smart city markets, accelerating relevant innovations, articulating smart community strategies – and help implement these. Rainmaking Urban equals innovation, good entrepreneurship, community, mind share and execution in the smart city domain.

Turning smart city initiatives into scalable success is not an easy task.

Many communities, large and small, are articulating innovative plans in order to plan for a successful, sustainable, competitive and livable future, be it in the shape of a digitization agenda for an entire country, a smart city program or a regional innovation strategy. Rainmaking Urban brings together some of the best minds and experience to help such communities and their many stakeholders prepare and execute.

Rainmaking Urban facilitates smart communities by means of dedicated accelerator programs, corporate and government engagements, investments, and The Smart City Academy which Rainmaking Urban will launch in collaboration with a larger array of partners and anchor cities around the world in 2018.

Meet Bas Boorsma
Managing Director of Rainmaking Urban

Having gathered 15 years of experience in the smart city space, having served in various global and regional leadership positions at Cisco for eleven years, Bas Boorsma has joined Rainmaking in order to found Rainmaking Urban. Bas is also author of the best-selling `A New Digital Deal. Beyond Smart Cities. How to Best Leverage Digitalization for the Benefit of our Communities` (2017). Bas spearheads a larger team of domain experts, business modelers, design thinkers and strategy advisors in order to deliver on Rainmaking Urban’s mission. Bas resides in The Netherlands, is married and has three sons that all believe they are strong with The Force. Bas was born in the year 29 BG – Before Google.

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